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EWB Team Tests IsatPhone During December Trip

In early December, Chesapeake Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a HumaniNet field partner, traveled to a remote region of northern Argentina where cellular phone service was unavailable.   We are grateful to Brian and the team for testing the new IsatPhone during their trip.

Here is a brief report on the EWB trip and its purpose, as reported by Brian Houston of EWB:

The EWB team joins the teachers and students
from El Toro’s school for a photo.

“Our trip was an assessment trip for a future project.  Our NGO in the region, CAESA, had indicated to us that the town desired a greenhouse to help grow more vegetables and supplement the school's meals for the children.  Upon reaching the town, we quickly discovered that they in fact already had two working greenhouses. This led to some quick reassessment of priorities between us and the community.  However, we were able to identify several additional projects that we intend to implement, including installing a new radio tower at a higher elevation than the current one to enable radio contact with the outside world and installing a roof over one of the school patios to better protect the children from the intense sun and other inclement weather.  

We also gathered significant amounts of information regarding the general health in the region, water and sanitation conditions, water and soil analysis, and general logistical information.  These will be invaluable as we implement our projects in El Toro over the next two to three years.”

Brian also added a note on how the IsatPhone enabled the team to help the villagers:

“While we were there, there was also a minor medical issue and a transportation issue for the teachers at the school.  In both cases, the phone was used very successfully to contact the nearest town.  Apart from the satellite phone, there was no form of communication available to the people of the town.”

The EWB team joins the teachers and kids in the local school for a photo. Team members were
Guillermo Worley (team lead), Jared Barnhart (tecnical. lead), Teresa DiGenova, Kate Strass and Brian Houston.

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