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Good words from our partners in the Haiti earthquake response:

The BGAN is definitely working out,
thanks again! The unit is with our field
team in Port-au-Prince, and it accompanies them while they are in transit
-- Stephen Lee, AIDG

What you're doing has immediate
tangible benefit to your network of NGO practitioners, rather than academics & policymakers.
-- Stefanie Chang, Project Director, Hands on Disaster Response
Thank you so much for all your efforts to assist communications in the Haitian disaster. Your ministry is a real gift to the humanitarian community and the people of Haiti.
-- Susan Sanders, United Church of Christ

The BGAN was essential to have the peace of mind that we had a solid backup comms solution in place, functioning immediately when we hit the ground.
-- Andris Bjornson, Inveneo

Some of the many other testimonials we have received from around the world since our founding in 2002:

Thank you for your incredible help over the years. I really appreciate it and consider you a valuable partner in helping
-- Mike Cousineau, missionary to Africa and Asia

Thanks first for maintaining an incredible website. I've found it tremendously useful.
-- Tyler Brown, NGO in Thailand conducting public health programs

Thank you for your personal support as well as that of HumaniNet for the support this year.  You have done more then you thought or probably ever imagined and we DO appreciate that extra mile from you guys.
-- Wendy Brightman, Country Manager, Adventist Disaster Relief Agency Indonesia

Thank you for your help!! We sure have been thankful for the RBGAN.  We have used it to receive medical advice from doctors both for Senegalese and for ourselves.  I have used it to get technical advice for a solar pump that we have installed for a village.  It has been great to able to contact family!!!
-- Eric Stottlemyer, New Tribes Mission , Africa

Among the many strengths of HumaniNet is its resource leveraging. This includes alliances with corporate technology partners and the ability to bring expert volunteers to the project. Most NGOs cannot keep pace with the many changes in ICT without expert assistance from the corporate and private sectors.
-- Peter Dickinson, Mercy Corps

This is a fantastic support to humanitarian workers and I really appreciate it.
-- Joseph Lai, Country Manager, Samaritan's Purse Mozambique

You exhibited customer service as I have always envisioned it should be. You simply “made it happen” and I appreciate it. I thank you!
-- Rob Conley, Free Will Baptist International Missions

I'm very impressed with the HumaniNet Web site.  The information is presented very well - in contrast to many similar sites I've looked at in the past. I'm particularly interested in the RBGAN detail you showed . . . My previous cost parameters were borne out by your very helpful cost analysis.
-- Mike Chinneck, Mission Aviation Fellowship Europe

Thanks for going above and beyond when I was ordering a satellite phone and external antenna in a major time crunch. You took extra time to make sure everything was "right" and I appreciate your business relationship with service providers - it helped make the "impossible" possible!
-- An IT manager for a small missions agency

We all appreciate HumaniNet and the work that you do in supporting us.
-- Michael Mulford, World Relief

Your service and kind support cannot be counted in either $ or £.
-- Kaj Jensen, United Mission to Nepal

Thank you for all your help in researching and understanding this technology.  You have been an indispensableresource!
-- Becky and Nathan Kendall, missionaries in Africa

It seems that in the USA there are very few organizations that know anything about satellite phones. Thanks for the information!
-- Larry Kitchel, Director, Christian Mission Aid, Africa

The RBGAN continues to work well. In fact, our colleagues in the nearby major center have experienced a general phone service disruption this past week and we here have been able to carry on communications as usual,
-- A HumaniNet partner in Africa

We have been able to use MSN Instant Messenger on the RBGAN modem without problems and it really is quite economical in terms of bytes used. We chatted with our family in Senegal and in the U.S. at the same time.
-- Mark Kreuger, Christian and Missionary Alliance , Guinea

From an aid worker’s wife, at home in the U.S. : Brian called on one of the satellite phones several hours ago. The connection was fine, but it was our kids screaming “I want to talk to Daddy!!!” that made it difficult to hear!
-- A Hope Alliance family

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