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Posted: 2/10/2006

NOTE: We have posted an update as of March 30 here.

Although other services have transitioned to the new F2 satellite, Inmarsat states that BGAN/RBGAN service for the Americas will be launched "within the next few months."   See the Inmarsat press release, January 23.

The new Inmarsat-4 F2 satellite, identical to the one now serving RBGAN users in Africa , Asia , Europe, and the Middle East , was launched successfully on November 8 into orbit over Brazil . When operational testing is complete, possibly in January 2006, field teams in the Americas will be able to access RBGAN service.

A map of the planned coverage area can be found on the Inmarsat Web site.

For details of the launch and orbital position, click here.

When the newly-launched Inmarsat-4 satellite is operational, humanitarian groups and missions in remote areas of South and Central America will then have access to email service, as do teams now in Asia and Africa (as in the picture above).

The introduction of BGAN service , with bandwidths of up to 492 kbps, will enable remote users to have Internet access. The BGAN system utilizes the same I-4 satellites, but it is more robust than the 144 kbps RBGAN bandwidth and will utilize different (and costlier) terminals. These terminals, which will offer both voice and data, are now being tested. For more information on the upcoming Inmarsat BGAN service, click here.

BGAN service will first be initiated in Africa and Asia , possibly by April 2006, and later for the Western Hemisphere . Pricing and other details are not yet available.

All RBGAN terminals (currently available and in service) will continue to operate on the new satellites, even after BGAN service is initiated.

For further information and assistance, contact your service provider, or you may email us at info@humaninet.org.

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